Support for your Staff

The juggle of managing family, relationships and career is not easy. As former elite athletes and career professionals working directly with families and children, we understand the challenges and stressors associated with maintaining peak performance – both at work and at home.
We work directly with a broad range of employers to ensure that their staff feel supported and well-equipped to be effective in their roles at work and at home. Workplaces who value and respect work life balance and actively invest in the development of their staff breed strong cultures with productive output. The transition from career person to parent is certainly not without its challenges and our program allows employers to equip their teams with the tools they need via our customised services.
Our programs are tailored specifically around the needs of each workplace and include:
  • Family access to our Personalised Program, with all customised services aimed at supporting the employee and their family to feel empowered and confident.
  • Return to work support following a period of parental leave, to guide them through the transition back to the workforce and all the associated challenges.
  • When work requires staff to be away from their families, our services remain accessible to the partner at home, to provide ongoing support for any parenting challenges.

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