We provide support for…

Your Family

Our personalised services allow us to provide you and your family with tailored support, that specifically targets your unique needs/concerns.

Your Staff

We work directly with a broad range of employers to ensure that their staff feel supported and well-equipped to be effective in their roles at work and at home.

Your Community

Allow us to bridge the gap between your educational settings vision and mission and the parenting approaches of families within your community.


The Feelings Volcano

Experiencing big, uncomfortable feelings is an unavoidable part of life. Using the analogy of a ‘Feelings Volcano’ this book educates children on how to understand and effectively manage their feelings, laying the foundations for emotional intelligence, resilience and positive mental health.
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Confident and informed parents raising resilient and emotionally intelligent children.

Every child, parent and family is unique and so too are their challenges. Our vision is to provide you with tailored support, that specifically targets your families current needs/concerns. We will do this by offering practical advice paired with evidence based strategies to guide you through your families challenges.

Here’s how we can support your family …

  • Parenting Support

  • 100

  • A 1-hour consult designed to discuss your parenting challenges and/or areas of concern. You will be provided with practical strategies and evidence-based approaches to implement with your family.
  • Support for your Child

  • 100

  • We all experience challenges and the earlier we provide children with the skills and strategies that they need to navigate and overcome these hardships, the better off they will be.
  • Family Support

  • 100

  • Whether it’s establishing new expectations, boundaries, routines or behaviours, allow us to work with your family to support you in building more positive family relationships and structures that will allow your home and family to flourish!

Empowering Parents is passionate about working with parents to support and guide them in their most important job, raising their children.

We believe that parents are a child’s most important teacher and therefore play a crucial role in raising children who are resilient, confident and prepared to succeed in their chosen future.
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We asked what your greatest parenting challenges and frustrations are and here is what you told us…

Losing your temper 0
Not enough time in the day 0
Children not listening 0
Feeing guilty / Self-doubt 0

Sleep Related Problems


Fussy Eaters


Too much technology time


Sibling Rivalry

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